About Me

Who is the man behind the curtain?

I am:

  • A Christian. But I respect your right to choose a different religion.
  • A father. I have three great (adult) children.
  • A husband. For thirty four years so far. Could change if I buy any more guns ;>)
  • A grandfather. Grand kids are great. Have all the fun with them, then hand them back to their parents.
  • An American. A good old fashioned, constitution loving, flag waving, gun shooting, baseball watching, apple pie eating, beer drinking, America is the greatest country on earth, American. (Full disclosure: I don't watch that much baseball unless the Red Sox are in the series.)
  • A firearms enthusiast. My dad got me my first rifle when I was eight. Still shoot it.
  • A firearms instructor. NRA certified for Home Firearms Safety, Basic Pistol, and Personal Protection in the Home. Certified by the MA state police to teach the required MA safety course.
  • A firearms competitor. I shoot in service rifle matches, silhouette matches, trap shoots, and in the past (and future), pistol matches. So many opportunities to shoot, so little time. Sigh.
  • A firearms student. Never too old to learn. I read books and take classes.
  • Was the host of the "Under The Gun" radio show on WMRC 1490
  • A firearms webmaster. Is there a pattern developing here?
  • A life member of the NRA.
  • A life member of the Second Amendment Foundation.

I wish I was:

  • A US Marine. Gotta love those guys. Hoo-Rah!

Other stuff I Like:

  • Backpacking
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Visiting historic places.
  • Armed women.
  • Beer

Some things I understand:

  • That our rights come from God, not from the government.
  • What the framers of the constitution meant when they used phrases like "shall not be infringed" and "congress shall make no law".

Some things I don't understand:

  • Why anyone would try to vote away their freedom.
  • Gun Free Zones. If it's that easy, why don't we just make crime free zones instead?
Harry and his trusty Winchester.

Thanks for visiting,